Saturday, September 29, 2007

Is there? an element of the European Union infiltrating Australian Politics - Who? are the Upper Spencer Gulf "Common Purpose Group"

Mayor of City of Port Augusta

Full Presentation: Brian Gerrish
discovered the hidden machinations of Common Purpose in Plymouth England some time ago. CP influence is ... all ยป seen in force throughout the BBC, Local Councils, Police, Schools, National Health Service, and many government agencies that run towns in the UK. Leading toward ever closer union, it is a subversive way to set up new leaders of the coming Totalitarian Socialist State (The European Union). Bringing people in through 'Self Improvement' courses, the talented are picked and indoctrinated in CP ideology. Destined to break up traditional viewpoints it is a very effective and hidden tool of manipulators behind the scenes. Many CP trained 'leaders' are well aware of the true purpose of the organization, most are not but are serving the goal as a result of their retraining in the CP mode of thinking. Brainwashing, a cult, a subversive organization, are terms readily applied to the methods and organization of the group.

What is Common Purpose and why should you care?

Australian "Common Purpose Group" leaders

Jerry Johnson,
Chief Executive Officer, Northern Regional Development Board

Steve Arndt'
Chief Executive Officer Whyalla Economic Development Board.

(No Picture, yet)
Mark Malcolm, Executive Manager, Southern Flinders Ranges Development Board


Upper Spencer Gulf "Common Purpose Group" Australia - - June 2003 - $100,000 to Upper Spencer Gulf "Common Purpose Group"

BHP & the "Common Purpose Group"

Vodafone Groups Foundation signs up 6 new countries to "Common Purpose International" Australia being one of them

New South Wales Legislative Council (Hansard) mentions the "Common Purpose Group"

2007 Sydney Leadership program launched - "Common Purpose Group" is offering a range of programs depending on leadership roles. The most common program for Sydney Leadership is the Matrix program. Traitorous UK 'Common Purpose' Shills For NWO


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