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For years you have tormented members of the Australian UFO community and now you have been "BUSTED"!!!!

An interesting blog the Australasian Ufologist a UFO blog set up to cause harm to certain members of the UFO community in Australia and overseas, yes?

I the Ferret went in search of the little anonymous bunny who set this page up. The guy running it uses the anonymous name Paul De Blog!! but thats not his real name as I found while ferreting around.

Things bloggers need to know when setting up an anonymous blog.

1. Never let anyone know you're tracking them.
2. Never ever leave a calling card.

Please explain?
Some Archived pages on the Australasian Ufologist blog site have site trackers embedded in the blog script. By using [ eXReMe Tracking]it wasn't hard to find the real owner of the Australsian Ufologist blog.... thats if you're smarter than a Fifth Grader.

Follow the link and see for yourself.

Phenomena Research Australia

Paul De Blog kept a record of all who have visited his blog and NOW I HAVE copy of these records.

Paul De Blog I bet you thought you could hide down your rabbit hole forever?......not while this little Black Ferret is around.

Fellow Bloggers just follow the links on this site and you will come to see who the real Paul De blog is.

And when signing up for a web tracker NEVER EVER cut and past the same Java script into another webpage if you want to remain anonymous.

[Oh! in case all pages mysteriously go missing they have been screen grabbed for safe keeping]

Connecting the dots?
I Ferret ferreted around the internet to see if anyone might in some way be connected to the Australasian Ufologist blogger, via a link, htm/Java script or a tracker. When I came across an article written by Mr. John.W. Archettl of Phenomena Research Australia [PRA] at this link

UFO Triangle Melbourne 23rd Aug 2004

While browsing the article I noticed at the bottom of the page it too had the same eXReMe Tracker as the Australasian ufologist blog page but with one difference. The tracker on the UFO PRA article page I was able to click and track back to the owner PRA. While the tracker on Australasian Ufologist blog is static. The only way to see if Australasian Ufologist blog tracker has the same owner was to download the web page read the eXReMe Tracker java script to see if they matched......which I did.

Article grab PRA

Track Me

A coincidence I think not.
I checked both web page scripts one against the other and found both scripts for both trackers matched 100% with both trackers sharing the same eXReMe Trackers ID login link""
and share the same Login ID name papua55


The significance of this login name papua55

Papua is a place - Papua New Guinea 55 is a year 1955 what significant UFO event happened in Papua New Guinea in 1955.

I have been reliably informed PRA Mr. John.W. Archettl was born in Papua New Guinea in 1955.

One evening in May 1955 a Doctor E. Nespor was returning from a swim in the sea when he saw a large disc. It was about half the size of the moon and glowing with a green light that moved slowly along for about a minute before disappearing.

With both eXReMe Trackers links pointing to this link homepage of PRA which no longer works other than to take you the stats report. It can be verified as belonging to PRA at this web page UFO RESOURCE CENTER this proves the owner of the Australasian ufologist blog site are one and the same Phenomena Research Australia [PRA]


PRA John. W. Auchettl

[PRE] Home:
Phenomena Research Australia [PRA]
Australian & Asia
Contact PRA at
Copyright x 2000 UFO Resource Center and Phenomena Research Australia ALL RIGHTS RESERVED, All other rights apply.



The Last 20 Referrers

How to go check The Ferrets findings

Australasian Ufologist Blog eXReM Tracker
Tracker ID:

The eXReMe Tracker is not accessible by clicking on blue image on this blog site you will need to download the archive page read the script, its easy any fifth grader can do this.

PRAUFO home page todate with eXReM Tracker

Tracker ID:

The eXReMe Tracker is accessible by clicking on blue image at the bottom of this page - if you want to check the Java script download this page

If you try to browse praufo webpage you will get this message - Sorry! You are not authorized to view this page or You might not have permission to view this directory or page. If you are attempting to browse a directory, it is possible that directory browsing has been disabled by the site owner.


Australasian Ufologist blog was and still is being used as a cowardly weapon by its not so anonymous attacker to attack many in the UFO field in a disgusting manner to cause them harm.

The slanderous harmful comments within the Australasian Ufologist blog pages is surely punishable by law.

If you feel you been wronged by this blogger and wish to start a class action against them, email I will pass your details on to interested parties.

I have just been informed via email, an interested party have well over 300 pages of documented evidence copied from the Australasian Ufologist blog when it was at its peak of slanderous comments.

They have advise they are happy to pass a copy over to anyone who wishes to take action. "interesting"

PRA you've BEEN BUSTED!!!!
YOU Great Pretender - Only for you papua55


Anonymous C**** said...

Thanks Mr/Ms Ferret,

At first glance of you email I thought you were accusing the Australian Skeptics of being behind that blog and I was thinking 'oh, no another paranoid loonie', but having read your expose, I appreciate the effort you've spent tracking down this troubled individual.

It's seems this person's vanity in seeing who was reading his ad hominem bile proved to be his downfall.


Blogger THE FERRET said...

The Ferret is more than happy to post any email PRA is willing to provide of their denouncement of ownership of the Australasian Blog.

In saying this PRA John. W. Auchettl will need to provide evidence his groups web address was in fact stolen by Paul De Blog.

Until this happens all the evidence found on the Australasian Ufologist blog such as, image links, web trackers IDs, files and formating, Java script, all points 99.9% to PRA.

Tracker Security:
If you know how web trackers work NO one person can have the same ID or password as another for security reasons.


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