Friday, July 6, 2007

Australia: The Ultimate Betrayal: Three Sisters Speak About Their Abusive Father

A FATHER who sexually abused his daughters for two decades, offered them to others for sex and had them perform bestiality will serve 15 years in jail.

P.R.I.S.M International Director for Australia Mr. Lawrence Pearce
was found guilty by District Court Judge Mr. Dean Clayton for his participation in what is being called South Australia's worst case ever of Incest.

How did Mr Pearce get caught?

Pearce had an keen interest in the Paranormal & UFOs. He was the Director of an Australian based International Paranormal Research organization called P.R.I.S.M that has sub branches around Australia.

It was only through a spat of UFO sightings reported to a local South Australian Television station in 2005 did Pearce come to anyone's attention. Pearce was invited to the station to do an onair interview about the recent spat of UFO sightings and talk about a number of other UFO sightings seen in and around Adelaide at that time.

Unfortunately for Pearce one of his victims unwittingly turned the television on to watch the UFO segment. While watching TV one of his victims recognized the man being interviewed, it was the man who had sexually abused her as a child.

The victim was so disgusted at seeing her abuser appear on TV and seeing him being portrayed as person of trust she felt sick and decided to do something. The victim called the Police.

Stateline South Australia

South Australia's worst case ever of Incest
- Pearce was sentenced to 3 years jail - the victims father was sentenced to 15 years jail.