Saturday, October 13, 2007

Maha Devi Ascension Group Heading Downunder

Is it Just Another Breatharian Movement?

Members of a cult which ran up substantial debts in Niue have been flown to Sydney, after the government ordered them to leave.

Two families from the Mahi Devi Ascension movement ran up debts of $US300,000 at the Matavai resort.

Mahi Devi Ascension movement

The story began late in 2002, when the resort was approached by an organization in northern California that purportedly specialized in organizing painting vacations. It wanted to rent the whole resort for an entire year. An advance party arrived, and Samoan television cameras turned up to film the artists at work, but it soon became clear that painting was not their primary activity.

The true nature of the group began to emerge only when one member, Duane Reed, broke away and spilled the beans to a local newspaper. He identified the leader of the group as an apparently wealthy German woman named Gabrielle, who claims she is divine, and, according to Reed, is "the highest source of God on the immortal being from Atlantis and Lemuria who has the capabilities of building pyramids and turning people into God."

The discovery of a verbose Web site dedicated to the theology of the Maha Devi Ascension Movement made it abundantly clear that the innocent little resort of Sinalei had, in effect, been hijacked by a religious cult of the most outrageous pretension.

Sadly for the owners of the resort, it was not until January that the cult's last stragglers left, by which time most of the resort's regular clientele had disappeared.

60 Minutes Australia on the trail of a Sub branch of the Cult

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Smoke & Mirrors

Dear Ferret please keep my identity anonymous for reasons I'm sure you will come to understand after reading this.

It appears to me many in the UFO field automatically assume a person who organizes a UFO symposium must be doing so for all the right reasons, but I have found this to be the contrary and have discovered people are not always what they appear to be on the outside.

Persons mentioned in this email will recognize I talk about things only a volunteer in the know could have knowledge of and with most of the information resonating with the reader as being the truth.

In 1996 and again 1997 I attended and was a voluntary helper for the second UFO symposium held October 1997 in Queensland.

After reading the post of Elizabeth Budek I was shocked and like many who have meet her would never have picked Elizabeth doing such a thing, obviously not everyone is what they appear to be on the outside.

I read the comment posted by Ted about the alleged stolen $10,000 from the 1996 symposium and blame being laid at Ms.K

Keeping up with all things ufo'e from around the world I read Anne Strieber attack on Mr Warren Aston on her web-page Anne Diary dated 2006

A little about Warren Aston, he was one of Glennys Mackay closest confidants a travel agent working hand in hand with Glennys and George Mackay back in 1996.

As a volunteer we were privy to a great deal of things like, what Glennys really thought of her speakers, especially when they would not conform or do as she asked.

One comment I remember so very clearly was after Glennys received an email from Whitley and Anne Strieber.

Whitley and Anne Strieber informed Glennys, which read from memory.

Thank you Glennys for your kind offer to put us up at your home but we will have to decline, we are very private people who need our own space and would prefer to stay in hotel, we hope you understand.

Glennys annoyed with Strieber's email ranted "What, isn't my home good enough for them Stuck-up Snobs, Who do they think they are, they need their own space.

Now I see Anne Strieber and Glennys Mackay have banded together for a common assault on Warren Aston which I see is totally unjust and unfair.

Warren Aston is a man of integrity who would never reference or publish information if it was not told to him.

Anne Strieber is attacking a very nice man on the hearsay of a women who is known to put out misinformation of others if they upset her or do not conform to her requests.

Back in 1997 Anne and Whitley Strieber did in fact upset Glennys Mackay and Anne need only check her email re- accommodation arrangements for here in Australia to see what I am saying is correct.

Anne Strieber quote:
We have heard from Glennys, who copied us on a letter she wrote directly to Warren Aston. She says, "I am totally horrified that you used my name and had this article printed in the Mufon magazine.

I did not hear the conversation…I had first hand experience of this at Laughlin, as to people's behavior towards Whitley, in the way things get out of context…people only hear what they want to hear and NOT what is said…I am deeply hurt by these allegatiions and feel that it is totally unfair to both Whitley and Anne that all this should be dragged up after all these years [since] it was October, 1996 when they were our guests here in Brisbane.

In my personal association with both Anne and Whitley, I have found them to be very caring, kind and genuine people, and I feel that what has been written is totally unjust.

Glennys insistently diverts blame away from herself always, when in fact she madeup and started the rumors about Whitley and Anne Strieber over 11 years ago in 1996 NOT Warren Aston, he was only repeating what Glennys had told him and I know this for a fact.

I trust Warren Aston to be telling the truth as it is not uncommon of Glennys Mackay to cast doubt on others especially when trying to cover her own wrong doings.

Anne Strieber quote:
Glennys certainly wouldn't have gotten in touch with me again if I had ever told her that Whitleys experiences was all fiction.

Anne Strieber, don't be to sure of that, Glennys is known to keep her friends close and to keep her enemies closer. You have a lot to offer her just look at what you have done already.

Keep your chin up Warren in the end Karma comes around

Glennys MacKay said to have afterlife contact with John Mack


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