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Its amazing isn't it how some people place blame on others to cover up their own misgivings "SHAME"!!!

{I was asked via email to post this comment "The Ferret")

Hi UFO Ferret can you please post this on your blog as I doubt the ufologist blog will allow it because it sets the record straight and points out all the errors in Paul De Blog's post on

It has been brought to my attention that the has posted an image of on its site for some strange twisted reason, under the heading of "Glennys Mackay Robbed By XFriend?" which appears to me to be a weird and twisted way of misleading the reader into thinking the person in the image is guilty of some kind of wrong doing, which she is not. However the post does confirm Ted's post re the missing $10.0000 a comment posted on this site as being true, a post that has nothing to do with me.

As I know who the person is in the image it being me then other's who know me will recognize it as being me also. So I feel PDB has now placed me in the position of setting the record straight.

So there are no more misunderstandings the story on the Australasian blog just above my image is very twisted filled with untruths hate and most very nonfactual.

FACTS are and for the record:

1. I did not known Glennys Mackay in 1996 and I did not help her in 1996.
2. I attended the 1996 conference as a paying delegate I attended with four other people 3 girls & 1 guy Nancy - Danna - Carol - Barry Taylor email Barry at for conformation.
3. Yes I helped Glennys in 1997 but NO money went missing.

The story appears to me to read this way, Glennys Mackay either contacted or was in contact with the ufologist blog site owner to tell her side of the story re Ted's comment so if what I have read on the ufologist.blogspot site is correct then
information posted on that site came direct from Glennys Mackay. This being the case then I assume Glennys Mackay is in fact in contact with PDB and is supporting PDB site by way of supply of material for wrongful use. This being the case then Glennys Mackay is in part responsible for all the libelous material PDB is posting on his site and should be held accountable.

The subject of stolen money was brought up by Ted at this link

If what Paul has posted is the truth then Glennys Mackay's "Xlady friend volunteer from the 1996 conference still stands accused of an unsubstantiated crime according to the the Australasian ufologist blogger with Mrs X accused of being the only other person who knew the whereabouts of the hidden cash bag other than Glennys.

Ted was telling the truth.

I would like to thank Bill Chalker for bringing this to my attention.

cheers - The person in the image.

Thank you UFO ferret for a fair go.


I received "many" emails re the above topic, all amazed at how it went unnoticed?

An apparent correction is needed, "UFOR NSW froze their own bank account not the police"

Funds frozen?
Interesting? UFOR NSW injected thousand's of dollors into the New Zealand "FUTURE PERSPECTIVES'CONFERENCE 2007" sometime in June 2007 along with their former president Bryan Dickeson, please read below.

UFOCUS NZ would like to sincerely thank our major sponsor, Bryan Dickeson. Bryan is a veteran NZ UFO researcher himself, as were his parents, Phyllis and the late Fred Dickeson, who ran two of New Zealand’s earliest UFO magazines, Satcu and Xenolog.

Thanks also to UFO Research New South Wales, our ‘sister’ research group in Sydney Australia, for their support and attendance.


I read on the Australasian blog site Paul De blog admits he stole PRA homepage web link. It is possible Paul De Blog stole PRA web-link but not possible he stole PRA registered web-page counter, which is security password secured to the owner of the web-page PRA.......

PRA could have given Paul De Blog permission to use it.?

PRA ........ YOU ARE still BUSTED!!!

Date: October 19th 2007

Thanks Mr/Ms Ferret,
At first glance of you email I thought you were accusing the Australian Skeptics of being behind that blog and I was thinking 'oh, no another paranoid loonie', but having read your expose, I appreciate the effort you've spent tracking down this troubled individual.

It's seems this person's vanity in seeing who was reading his ad hominem bile proved to be his downfall.

Chris Guest